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A deck is cut face up several times, and a card removed from the center of the deck. A spectator learns an ancient system to discover any card chosen. The spectator comes to realize that their intuition has been perfect, as each and every other card is blank - save for their choice. Is it real intuition or merely impossible magic? The deck may be entirely examined. Daryl has given his blessing to this stunning effect. Those who have seen Kenton perform this trick live say it is their favorite deck-turns-blank routine, bar none.

A beautiful, startling, metaphorical card trick to be performed for couples. This romantic routine has a positive impact on all who see it. With more than one surprising climax in the finale, this is perfect for partnerships and business cooperation as well. Utterly free choices and complete fairness throw even wise performers off the methods used here.

Independent Review from About Magic

5 Stars

"The theme is "blank" and on this DVD, Kenton Knepper tips two powerful card effects. What Knepper has done is take two simple and well known card tricks that reveal a particular card or set of cards, and created routines that allow the rest of the deck to be shown blank at the end.As a result, the routines have solid initial revelations, where most card tricks would end, and considerable kickers that are downright devastating.

Going Blank

In "Sleightly Touched," you cut the deck and then look through it and remove a “prediction card,” which is not shown and you lay onto the table. The deck is given to a spectator who freely deals cards and settles on two cards, which are shown to be directly related to your prediction card. At the end, you show that with the exception of the prediction card and the spectator’s two resulting cards, the rest of the deck consists of blank cards.

In "Mates For Life," two spectators freely deal cards and end-up selecting mates (for example, seven of spades and seven of clubs, three of diamonds and three of hearts...etc). At the end, you show that the rest of the deck consists of blank cards. Best of all, Knepper has created a theme that talks about and encourages the compatibility of two people.Excellent Material

The trick resets immediately as you're putting it away. In fact, because you're completely clean, you can reset the effect as spectators are watching, and they won't suspect a thing.

I think that Dean Dill's "Blizzard" effect has a stronger impact when performed for other magicians, but because of its requirements, is more appropriate for a formal close-up show than for strolling. I like the way that "Blank" is self-contained in a single deck of cards.The tricks are easy to learn and perform and there are no complicated moves, and they appeal to beginners as well as pros. Among Knepper's recent releases, this one is my favorite." 4 1/2 Stars Out Of Five

-Wayne N. Kawamoto