Diary of destiny

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The performer shows that he/she has a playing card in there pocket, and that they'll be getting back to that a bit later. The participant is handed a Journal/Diary, and is asked to browse through it... they'll notice that on every date is a playing card. Now they are handed a deck of playing cards... they can look through them all they want, and can shuffle to there hearts content. Now they'll use the cards to come to a random month and date... all this happens entirely in there hands, with the performer being completely hands off. Once a month and date has been decided, they are to turn to that date and look at the card written, but not to say it. You then ask them to go through the deck and remove the card that's on there date... it's not there... The performer then reminds them about the card he/she had in there pocket prior to starting... it's removed and handed to the spec... it's the card they were thinking of.

That was what happens at it's most basic.

Some points about the effect:

Performer completely hands off
Normal Deck... can even be borrowed
Journal/Diary is examinable
One time set-up on the journal/diary (unless you want to set more up)
No patterns, no markings, no sleights, no constantly repeating specific cards...
Simple to perform

Also, for those who do not wish to carry around a journal/diary, there is an alternative included which offers the exact same effect.
Contains 8 pages of detailed instructions.
Note: Diary Of Destiny does not come with a Day timer or Day Journal.