Emotion or Sensorbox - antik finished wood

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An attractive antique decorated box (33 cm x 20 cm x 18 cm) is shown. The front is closed with a slider, the back is open. There is a grip hole at the top. This grip hole is worked in such a way that you can reach in, but not look in! You can reach in and open the slider and see how your hand moves in the box later. (see photo)

The audience is told that this is a box from an old haunted house. This box conveys paradoxical terms.
Reality becomes appearance and vice versa. This is the first time that this box gets a story. Something for the story telling magic.

Now, hidden for the audience, an object is placed in the box. A spectator should reach into the box and describe this object by "feeling" and, if possible, recognize it. These can be comments like e.g:
"The object is soft, can be pressed, it has large pores, etc. So it must be a sponge."

The slider is opened. This without any manipulation of the box. Nothing needs to be folded away and nothing can be locked. The spectator himself can pull the slide up and fall out - a big granite stone!

"But you have a good feeling" says the magician, while he shows the box empty from all sides when the slide is open!

The spectator feels the second object, describes it exactly and decides: 

"It's a soft, supple rope."

The box is opened and you can see: It's a piece of barbed wire! The examples could be continued at will here, and the expert already recognizes the enormous entertainment potential in these passages at this point.

Many other effects are possible, for example:

- Sponge to stone*
- Rope to barbed wire *
- Ball of wool to a cactus *
- Toothbrush becomes toilet brush
- Mobile phone (own) to an old handset*
- Coffee spoon for soup ladle
- Leather wallet (own) to High heel shoe*
- Wrist watch for alarm clock
- Sunglasses for duck bathtub
- Bottle opener becomes a (filled) beer glass
- The glove becomes a tarantula (or a white mouse)

* We supply these examples as accessories! No additional costs!

These are some of the possible effects. But Boretti wouldn't be Boretti if he hadn't designed a special ending for this trick.
It should be a conclusion where the viewer is the big hero and gets the applause for it.

There comes the absolute magical sensation! The spectator herself determines some other spectator, who then thinks of a single playing card (!) and calls herself free. We swear it here: Nothing is forced. Even if you have a deck of cards in your hand for the first time, you could still successfully complete this trick with a sensational ending!

A deck of cards is placed in the box, of course it is shown that they are all different cards. Then the spectator is asked to reach into the box and remove one card blindly. It is of course the one chosen freely by the spectator! The spectator is the hero.

- No second deck in the box.
- No inaugurated spectators, the card is thought freely.
- Boretti's emotional box is unique and has never been there before!

We deliver the beautiful, very decorative box and Boretti's multi-page routine with many additional ideas in english language. Of course, there are also some "emotional examples" and the deck of cards included, so that you can actually demonstrate the thing immediately.

The idea of the 1st Emotion Box was first published in 1995 in Boretti's manuscript "And so on" and is also included in his book "Vorhang", published in 2013. Thus the authorship would be more than proven! Boretti is and remains the only inventor of the emotional box!
Besides, the HOCUS POCUS model in US is an unapproved version. Shame on you. Also, his box does not have our latest improvements. You cannot visibly graps the object.

Customer Opinion:

I only believe in supporting the inventor directly. Thanks again for your work and ingenuity. M. J. Lazell - Las Vegas, USA

The box arrived this evening! Everything was in great shape, no damage. I love the construction and the box itself is beautiful.
Couldn't be happier.  Again thank you so much. 
Mike Sinclair, USA

I always like to support the original inventors and wish you well. Steve Templeton, - North Carolina-USA


The Boretti Box arrived. And guess what? It was most definitely worth the wait. It is very exciting to finally have this. This is such a great prop that lends itself to many possibilities. It is more beautiful in person. 
I will probably order a white box version of this down the road just for variety. Jimmy Joza, New York

Please note: If you buy the box and live outside the EU, the price will be automatically reduced by 19 % (German VAT)

Here the demonstration with the antique version. This one is identical to the white one: