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The Jastrow Illusion in Magic is a treatise on the venerable boomerang trick, brilliantly written and illustrated by Peter Prevos. Peter's work is exceptional. We at Stevens Magic are big fans. His attention to meticulous detail, which includes two and half pages of bibliography, is refreshing (and sadly lacking) in the world of magic.  Equally important are the topics he chooses to write about, he has a sharp sense of filtering and selecting some of the most sought-after subjects in the art.  Peter does a good job of incorporating the rich history of this illusion, as well as bringing it into the present, where he highlights a recent feature from April 2016.

Peter shares his own personal history, about the first time he was introduced to the art of magic by way of the Jastrow illusion, which will resonate with many of our customers who shared the same similar experience.


  • Introduction

  • The Jastrow Illusion in Science

  • The Jastrow Illusion as a Magic Trick

  • Closing

When you factor all of the above - the time that Peter put in completing this project, the overall quality on all counts - I think you will agree this is very good value.  And if you're like me, you will become a fan. That is a good thing because Peter is working on more such projects and, as a mentalist, I predict they will be in demand!