Stodare - the enigma variations

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The fascinating tale begins this way: "This book tells the story of a Victorian conjurer who found brief fame and fortune in London before death claimed him as a young man. He will be forever remembered as the performer who introduced to the wider world, one of the most acclaimed and astonishing illusions of all time - The Sphinx." Fans of magical historian Edwin Dawes, author of Charles Bertram: The Court Conjurer, will delight in this new limited-edition biography of a unique magician, Colonel Joseph Stodare. In 1850 Colonel Stodare was among the most noted performers in England. Yet, he died suddenly at the height of his fame at the age of 35. Learn all about the life of this marvelous magician. Comes in a Deluxe Hardcover, Deluxe 3-Piece Cloth Square-back Binding with 278 pages.